We at nude offer a dining experience without limits. Our kitchen is open-minded for the best ideas and ingredients from all around the world. Of course without forgetting our beautiful nordic heritage and Finnish seasonal products.

To taste

Culatello ham 8
Artichoke bread with butter and hazelnut 8
Grilled oysters (portion contains beef) 11
Faroe Islands salmon sashimi and umami soy 11
Dry-aged beef with mushrooms 9
Mushroom dumplings with XO-sauce (small) 9
Few bites of cheese 10
The Aura cheese with gingerbread 8

For a bigger appetite

Sourdough pancake with parmesan and culatello 15
Mushroom dumplings with XO-sauce 19
Grilled white fish with cauliflower and truffle 27
Dry-aged beef with beetroot and kale 29
Roasted Jerusalem artichoke and Finnish pear




Flower ice cream, choux pastry and elderflower 11

Birch parfait ”Helsinki memory” 11

Vanilla kiss with lemon curd 5



You may also enjoy a longer dinner by choosing one of our menu packages. You may choose from a 4, 5 or 6-course menu. Read more about our menus here.


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